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A letter from Houston, Texas’ best decorative concrete supplier

Dear Houston, TX, Decorative Concrete Contractor,

Hey, I’m Omar.  

Husband and owner of Houston's best decorative concrete supply company.

Since 2005, Touchstone Construction Supply has supplied the materials and tools to do thousands of decorative concrete installations, decorative concrete repairs, remodels, repaints and resurfacing projects.

Whether you’re a concrete construction contractor, landscape architect, or a commercial or industrial developer, or a DIY Homeowner - when you buy from us it’s all-hands-on-deck.


More importantly, we’re pretty rock-solid in testimonials.  (See what I did there?)


But you probably don't care about that, so let’s talk about you.

Contact us today!

You have a decorative concrete project.  You just don't have the right colors to match the garage door, or you need a specific design pattern for the concrete, but you don't have the right stamping tool or general concrete finishing tool?  


Sound about right?


Maybe after looking at the job, you realize that it would be better to replace than repair the decorative concrete patio and you just do not have enough materials to get the job done.


Whatever the case, you want a decorative concrete supplier that won't:


  • Rush your decision-making process

  • Pressure you into buying

  • Charge you a left arm and a right leg (or a left foot)

  • Go missing-in-action halfway through the project

  • Be harder than the POTUS to get a hold of


You just want to provide the best experience for your clients. You want them to use your concrete or general construction business for other deals, and you know how important it is to generate business through word of mouth.  Referral business is the best business.


You need the right decorative concrete supplies. They need to be functional and flawless. And they have to hold up to this unforgiving Houston weather - hot and humid summers or monsoon rains.


Am I on the right track?


If so... and if you want the best decorative concrete supplier in the Houston, Texas ... who's fun, easy to work with, and treats decorative concrete like an art?


Take out your phone and give us a call today.


We are at (713) 460-0620.  My lovely wife, Lisa, usually answers.  You'll like her.


Here's what you'll get, FREE:


  • A meeting, walk-through and detailed estimate



  • An invitation to our showroom to help you make decisions and see what the what your potential finished product will look like.



  • Access to our Solution Center where we can help you through any issues that you are having with your decorative concrete projects.  From polished concrete floors or decorative concrete driveways to stained and custom concrete projects that are just are not working out right… we can help you get to the right solution.


We're excited to show you why we're the #1 decorative concrete supplier in Houston, TX. 

Get access to overlay products made locally here in Texas.  Made in Texas for Texas weather.

If you are searching for Houston Decorative Concrete Supplier, you have come to the right place.

So call us at (713) 460-0620 or email us at today.




Roberto Omar Peña


Your Decorative Concrete Supplier



Performance, Guaranteed

At Touchstone Construction Supply, we only sell or rent products that are built to last. The brands that we work with are the most trusted names in the industry, and we have been providing our clients with only the best brand options since day one. Our clients love the quality and variety we have in stock. See a few of the brands we carry below.








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